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CSPA Fall 2021: Pre-Enrollment Ice Breaker

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      Scott Webber

      Each person is asked to:

      • 1. Introduce themselves to their classmates by stating:
        • Their name
        • Nickname (if appropriate)
        • Linkedin or other social media profile/professional website links (if comfortable sharing)
      • 2. The introduction needs to also include:
        • The reason(s) for taking this course
        • Aspirations for the course
        • Career goals
      • 3. Add a comment/pose a question to another classmates’ response. Be sure to respond to someone to whom no one has responded, to ensure everyone receives a response to their introduction.
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      1.My name is Rachelle Allen-McFarlane. I do not have a nickname now, but when I was in high school some students use to call me ” Walking Bible.” I do not have a Linkedin nor social media profile.
      2. I am taking this course as a prerequisite for the completion of ” The Graduate Certificate in College and University Faculty Preparation” also referred to as the ” Teaching Certificate.” I hope to be be enlightened about the subject matter in this course to that I can relate effectively/efficiently to a diverse student audience. My aspiration is rooted in the desire to provide selfless service to humanity in the field of medicine as a pathologist/ cytologist/microbiologist and in academia as an excellent professor of biology/microbiology.

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      Charlezetta S

      My name is Charlezetta Stokes. You can call me Charley. My LinkedIn address is:


      I am taking this course as a prerequisite for the Teaching Certificate at Howard University and as a requirement for the HHMS-AGEP fellowship. I hope that this course becomes a safe space for discussing difficult questions around identity and its effects in the classroom. In particular, I hope I gain a better understanding of my own identities and how they shape my understanding of myself and of others within and without my groups. I hope this class makes me a more understanding (or at least a more honest) professor.

      I enjoy research, the increasing interdisciplinary nature of it, and sharing the fun and interest of it. In the near future I hope to conduct research in biophysics, preferably on Sickle Cell. My big dream is to create a (several?) community lab(s) for K-Gray science enrichment, development of youth interest, recruitment, and retention into STEAM, and product/system incubation.

      Rachelle: What made you choose a career in STEAM?

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      Veronica Monte

      <b>Greetings, All,</b>

      I’m Veronica Monte!!  Humans close to me called me Roni.  My only social media is LinkedIn

      This course was suggested for me to get closer to my dream of becoming a HBCU Professor.  I know so far, in the last few classes I have attended, I will develop a bond with my classmates and discover more about myself.  And through this discovery, I will become an amazing professor.
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      Katrina L.


      My name is Katrina (preferred name). Click this hyperlink to acess my LinkedIn profile.  

      I have chosen to take this course because of my professional work as a public speaker and corporate trainer in Implicit Bias in Obstetrics and Perinatal Care (view The Cost to Labor Tedtalk: https://www.ted.com/talks/katrina_little_the_dying_mothers_sisters_daughters_friends).  In addition, my more urgent need for enrolling in this course is because it directly ties into my current dissertation research into perceived student racial implicit bias in collegiate maternal-newborn nursing textbook(s).  

      My hopes are to not only gain insight to improve my own course instruction as Faculty in academia, but to gain knowledge for how best to advance my dissertation research.  

      Leading a 4yr instiution (preferably an HBCU) is my long-term career goal.  Obtaining Tenure, advancing my private community practice in maternal-newborn care and broadening my podium presenter opportunities across the nation and oversees are my short-term goals for career aspirations.  

      Looks like I am the first to respond in the Spring 2023 cohort, so I look forward to learning more about other classmates.

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      Donna G


      My name is Donna; my students call me Professor G.  However, everyone else just calls me Donna.

      I chose to take this course because I am always seeking ways to help my students and to improve my teaching and facilitating methods.  I teach English at the Community College of Rhode Island where I have been for the last 12 years; I also facilitate managerial and area-specific classes for Walmart’s Academy where I have been for the past two years. My students come from truly diverse backgrounds.  I learn so much from them already, but I would like to look at differences from an academic viewpoint. 

      I hope to gain greater insights into diversity topics in education.  My long-term career goal is to advance at the Academy at some point.  I recently gained promotion from an Academy Team Lead to an Academy Coach, but I hope to go even further in management. I’d love to travel more in my next position.


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