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CSPA Fall 2021: Pre-Enrollment Ice Breaker

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    Each person is asked to:

    • 1. Introduce themselves to their classmates by stating:
      • Their name
      • Nickname (if appropriate)
      • Linkedin or other social media profile/professional website links (if comfortable sharing)
    • 2. The introduction needs to also include:
      • The reason(s) for taking this course
      • Aspirations for the course
      • Career goals
    • 3. Add a comment/pose a question to another classmates’ response. Be sure to respond to someone to whom no one has responded, to ensure everyone receives a response to their introduction.

    1.My name is Rachelle Allen-McFarlane. I do not have a nickname now, but when I was in high school some students use to call me ” Walking Bible.” I do not have a Linkedin nor social media profile.
    2. I am taking this course as a prerequisite for the completion of ” The Graduate Certificate in College and University Faculty Preparation” also referred to as the ” Teaching Certificate.” I hope to be be enlightened about the subject matter in this course to that I can relate effectively/efficiently to a diverse student audience. My aspiration is rooted in the desire to provide selfless service to humanity in the field of medicine as a pathologist/ cytologist/microbiologist and in academia as an excellent professor of biology/microbiology.


    Charlezetta S

    My name is Charlezetta Stokes. You can call me Charley. My LinkedIn address is:


    I am taking this course as a prerequisite for the Teaching Certificate at Howard University and as a requirement for the HHMS-AGEP fellowship. I hope that this course becomes a safe space for discussing difficult questions around identity and its effects in the classroom. In particular, I hope I gain a better understanding of my own identities and how they shape my understanding of myself and of others within and without my groups. I hope this class makes me a more understanding (or at least a more honest) professor.

    I enjoy research, the increasing interdisciplinary nature of it, and sharing the fun and interest of it. In the near future I hope to conduct research in biophysics, preferably on Sickle Cell. My big dream is to create a (several?) community lab(s) for K-Gray science enrichment, development of youth interest, recruitment, and retention into STEAM, and product/system incubation.

    Rachelle: What made you choose a career in STEAM?


    Veronica Monte

    <b>Greetings, All,</b>

    I’m Veronica Monte!!  Humans close to me called me Roni.  My only social media is LinkedIn

    This course was suggested for me to get closer to my dream of becoming a HBCU Professor.  I know so far, in the last few classes I have attended, I will develop a bond with my classmates and discover more about myself.  And through this discovery, I will become an amazing professor.
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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