Looking Glass Learning is committed to accessible education.

Even when the destination is unclear, education remains the light in the dark to illuminate the path forward.  A shift in perspective can transform challenges into opportunities, and Looking Glass Learning was created to offer the world a glimpse of what could be. Looking Glass Learning hopes to deliver an accessible online platform that connects any human being with the desire to learn, with the opportunity to do so.

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Empower educators in the present to prepare students for the workplace of the future.

Teaching is the most noble profession.

If children are the future, teachers are the architects of all that will be: Teachers are also human beings with families.  Looking Glass Learning minimizes overhead costs to deliver affordable education to students, and economic security to educators. 

Everyone has a lesson to teach.

While humility in the face of adversity ultimately remains the greatest instructor, Educators transform the inevitable struggles of life into life-long lessons. 

A bight future is still achievable.

While global challenges appear intractable, they can be overcome. Education, Cooperation, and goodwill can light the way to a brighter tomorrow. 

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible educational outcome for each student.

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