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Katrina L.


My name is Katrina (preferred name). Click this hyperlink to acess my LinkedIn profile.  

I have chosen to take this course because of my professional work as a public speaker and corporate trainer in Implicit Bias in Obstetrics and Perinatal Care (view The Cost to Labor Tedtalk:  In addition, my more urgent need for enrolling in this course is because it directly ties into my current dissertation research into perceived student racial implicit bias in collegiate maternal-newborn nursing textbook(s).  

My hopes are to not only gain insight to improve my own course instruction as Faculty in academia, but to gain knowledge for how best to advance my dissertation research.  

Leading a 4yr instiution (preferably an HBCU) is my long-term career goal.  Obtaining Tenure, advancing my private community practice in maternal-newborn care and broadening my podium presenter opportunities across the nation and oversees are my short-term goals for career aspirations.  

Looks like I am the first to respond in the Spring 2023 cohort, so I look forward to learning more about other classmates.

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