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The purpose of the course is to introduce you to what has been termed “the learning revolution” which has resulted …


The purpose of the course is to introduce you to what has been termed “the learning revolution” which has resulted in “the learning centered college,” our main focus. Or was it the learning centered college that brought about the learning revolution? Well, perhaps we’ll discover that as we move through the course.  While student learning has always been a major topic in the academy, it has, in recent years, become a measure of institutional effectiveness by state higher education agencies, by regional accrediting agencies like Middle States and by local and state governments.  Developing a culture of evidence based on documented improvements in student learning has become a major focus of many, if not most, institutions of higher education. Nowhere is this more apparent than in community colleges across the country.

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    1. lynne.dorsey@bison.howard.eduNovember 28, 2023 at 2:31 am

      Dr. Gaulee is a teaching shepherd


      Dr. Gaulee meshes with my style of learning. He guides his students to the answers they have within themselves; not in a Yoda kind of way but by remaining respectful of each student’s learning style and opinions.

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