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This course analyzes the critical importance of educator pedagogy and its seminal impact on culturally diverse students and all learners generally. We will explore the concepts of culturally relevant education in both pedagogy and practice, with an emphasis on enhancing students’ socio-cultural competence in education. Students will understand the interconnections between knowledge, ideology, race, and power within the capitalist political economy and their interplay in the classroom. The main purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of liberatory pedagogies and their role in enhancing the academic and social trajectories of culturally diverse learners. Effective approaches for assessment and evaluation are also discussed.

Instructor -- Dr. Trevor Kinlock
Participation in the Forum is a required component of this course. The forum is designed to foster collaboration as well as the individualization of responses to posted topics. Each student is expected to respond to one of the “Topics” as well as to a post made by one of their colleagues.  Responses should not exceed 150 words. It is helpful to respond substantively to each colleagues’ posts.  Examples of less effective posts are: unacceptable “Great comment”,  “Very interesting idea” or "I disagree."

Course Curriculum

    • CRPA Course Syllabus FREE Unlimited
    • Forum Guidelines Unlimited
    • CRPA: Zoom Instruction Unlimited
    • Reading #1 attachment Unlimited
    • Week 1 Assignment Upload (Summary #1) 3 months
    • In Class Reading for 1/30 Unlimited
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    • Week 2 Assignment Upload (Summary #2) Unlimited
    • In Class Reading for 2/6 Unlimited
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