The Classroom has Changed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged classrooms worldwide for well over two years. Academic institutions must adapt if students are to have a future.

Looking-Glass Learning delivers custom-built Learning Management Systems that begin with an institution’s needs. From 0-cost classes delivered on Looking-Glass Learning’s platform, to ultra low-cost custom-built solutions, Looking Glass learning maintains one goal: creating the means to educate the future. 

The Looking-Glass process:

Learning Begins With Empathy.

Academic institutions are not a monolith.  Administrators must balance the needs of their entire stakeholder map, while operating on a tight budget. Looking-Glass Learning understands the challenges of academic instruction, and delivers the optimal solution for the specific situation.


Real-Time Adaptation delivers Iterative Improvement.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced society to appreciate everything is subject to change: agile adaptability is at the core of Looking-Glass Learning’s constitution. Looking-Glass Learning connects academic institutions with online course-design experts, to ensure the institution can meet their educational goals without ballooning administrative costs. Institutions can deliver courses online as necessary, without sacrificing pedagogical expertise. Course designers carefully track metrics for each semester, and deliver recommendations to bring the course more inline with institutional educational goals.

Innovating Student-Engagement Strategies.

Online education poses a significant problem to educators: how can academics compete with entertainment an internet tab away? The answer is leveraging the same digital tools and psychological principles used by online marketers. Looking-Glass Learning, in collaboration with Erised AI, brings academic gamification to the next level.  Schedule a consultation with a Looking-Glass Learning representative to learn more today. 

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